July 28, 2010

Library Day in the Life: Round 5, Day 3 (Wednesday)

So I got to work today at 12pm since I'm working until 8:30. My first two hours here were on the reference desk, and we're still getting a ton of campus/registration-related questions. We're also realizing we might need to change one of our policies for the public-use computers (specifically, our scanner computer) because people have been abusing it lately. It can be hard to monitor every area of the library when there are a lot of questions, and we only have one librarian at the reference desk at a time.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was able to bring zines into our library (currently not to check out, but can be read in the library, as our magazines are). A bigger display is going to go up by the entrance, which I'm very excited about! I will get to incorporate zines into a lesson plan for a humanities class, and hopefully students will start interacting with the collection more with it being promoted. Here is the pathfinder brochure I made for the current collection:
Zines Pathfinder

The rest of today will be tutorials on a couple of our databases I would like to be more familiar with, reading over course texts for classes that have assignments this week (so I understand any terminology better), and then just being on the reference desk in the evening. I have finished revising all my pathfinders and making LibGuides for my subject areas, so it feels great to have that under my belt. As you can see in yesterday's post, I am responsible for many areas, so it took awhile to do all of that!

If anything especially interesting happens later, I will probably make an edit, but it is typically more quiet here in the evening.