June 16, 2011

Librarian Wardrobe Special Edition Part 1

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As part of a special edition series for the upcoming ALA conference in NOLA, Librarian Wardrobe is going to give you some packing and outfit-making insight. A few others are going to be contributing to LW as we try to make it a more comprehensive resource, and I'll be introducing them later this week. We also will have some posts from other librarians on what they're packing. We invite you to use the "ask" feature on the Tumblr to send us questions you might have.

So, to kick things off, I'll introduce myself and give you an idea of how I might be packing for ALA this year. 

There is too much data in this post, so I'm going to have to split it up (it wouldn't even fit on Tumblr!). Parts 1 and 2 are about putting some outfits together and Part 3 is packing. Since I've had to be creative in getting the formatting to look nice, the links don't work next to the images, so I will post all the links at the end of Part 3.

NicoleI'm Nicole and am the creator of Librarian Wardrobe... hi! I'm a community college librarian in Texas. You can connect with me on Twitter. Not really sure how to explain my style, but it's a mix of vintage items, bike-friendly clothing, and am very pro-layers. I'm also vegan, so that influences what I wear. For example, I'd never buy leather new, but if I see a pair of second-hand oxfords or boots, I might pick those up.

Anyhow, on to choosing outfits for ALA! I am a very light packer... I don't check luggage and always find a way to just do one bigger carry on bag and a medium-sized personal bag. This can be accomplished with layers/mixing and matching. I'll show you some outfits I'd bring that have pieces to be swapped in and out:

And now on to Part 2 (continuing with choosing outfits)....