July 2, 2009

Finished products

To make the tutorial I created with Wink viable for subsequent KEYS internship sessions, so my supervisor would not need to have the item re-created, I edited my work so student names were blocked out and the tutorial is more clear as to what the objectives are (since they were originally just stated during the presentation).

You can view what a final product created with Wink looks like here, and the PDF version for printing is here. As you can see, the quality of the PDF image is not very good for the web.

Some more things I learned about Wink while re-editing:
  • you cannot bold or italicize individual words or phrases in a text box - it is either all or none
  • rendering the flash component is unnecessary with static tutorials, although the instructions in the user manual made it seem like it was required either way
  • the numbering order for the PNG files seems odd (and gets even more strange when saving more frames) and it is necessary to take care when matching them up with the different sections in the HTML file

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