March 20, 2015

#acrl2015 schedule

Next week is ACRL 2015! Posting my public schedule below...

6:30pm #critlib meetup, dinner at Los Gorditos, 8pm drinks at Low Brow Lounge (details at link)
@CUDJOE70 and I are going to meet up in the Benson Hotel lobby at 6:30pm to walk over (5-10min), join us if you'd like the more the merrier

All day, ACRL Immersion Practical Management
(bummed to miss the #critlib Unconference, but excited to have the opportunity to attend this day-long Immersion program)

8pm Battledecks! Convention Center, Portland Ballroom 251/258
We have an awesome lineup of emcees, judges, and contestants, it's going to be fun (I am biased since I'm on the committee that organized it, but it really will be fun, don't miss it!)

There are so many good sessions, I have 3-4 choices per timeslot so I won't re-list them all here

1-2pm at the ACRL Booth (#515) with Miriam Rigby to rep The Librarian Stereotype book, come by and say hi! I'm also happy to talk about the critical library pedagogy handbook I'm co-editing with Kelly McElroy on ACRL Press, our call for proposals is still going until March 31st!

7-9pm Chair's Reception?

8-11pm EveryLibrary Meetup at Dechutes Brewery, 210 NW 11th
Come support EveryLibrary and hang out with me and awesome co-hosts!

5:30-7pm ACRL 2015 Leaders' Reception hosted by ACRL OR/WA

8-10:30pm All Conference Reception

10:30pm Que(e)ry Party at The Embers Avenue, 110 NW Broadway St.

And will also be checking out the Zine Pavillion!

See you next week!

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