November 21, 2009

Event planning & promotions presentation for PLG-UA LIS Skillshare

I presented this on Tuesday, November 17th at the Progressive Librarians Guild - UA Chapter LIS Skillshare.

I have about 8 years or maybe a little more of event planning experience (including outreach/promo/marketing/pr), so I thought I would share my accumulation of skills. Since I've done educational events, festivals, music shows, library student group workshops and a symposium, community social events, and fundraiser events, I wanted to capture all event types for the attendees, but of course all the information could be relatable to libraries (public, academic, or otherwise).


  1. Hey,

    I liked this presentation even though I'm not a librarian. Alex P.

  2. Hey Alex,
    Thanks! I'm glad to hear the information can be useful for librarians and non-librarians alike. -Nicole